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      Ningbo Yunhuan Electronics Group Company Limited power line customers detailed market research

      Come: Ningbo Yunhuan Electronics Group Co., Ltd.   Autor: http://www.cgrbf.com   Time: 2012-07-17

      Ningbo Yunhuan Electronics Group Company  Limited power line customers detailed market research

      Grandchildren strategics said: people know, invincible. Ningbo Cloud Central Electronics Group Limited company marketing personnel to successfully develop new power line market, in addition to full preparation, also should develop new markets for careful inquiries and investigations. Then, Ningbo Cloud Central Electronics Group Limited company marketing personnel should study some of what content?

      In 1, the wind home. Including the local human situations, where the geographical position, the number of people, economic level, consumption habits.

      2, power line market situation. The first refers to the power line market capacity and competitive situation, competitive situation including competing products specifications, price  channel promotion, competing products sales ( monthly, annual ).

      3, on the power line to customer demand situation. Through direct or indirect method, investigation of local power line distributors, including rival distributor and the potential distributors. The competing products dealers to investigate the market dynamics, and manufacturers cooperation level, the product potential distributors to analyze its as acting business norms, namely the superior word, sound collection, adequate warehousing, abundant capital and the suitability of the manpower, transport power.

      After the above power line market inquiry, its target is familiar with the market, grasp the customer hand material, determine the potential of targeted customer group. In search of potential customers method, can use" bottom-up, find by hard and thorough search " method, this method because of the direct access from the front line, and, therefore, more convenient to grasp the real truth, find the power line to customer demand.


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