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      Enterprise culture:

      One, company mission:
      Providing scientific and technological content of products, let the feeling of life better.

      In two, the company vision:
      Become electrical industry hundred years of first-class enterprises.

      In three, the company's core values:
      1、to encourage the spirit of innovation, allowing in innovation attempt behavior, tolerance trial failure of innovative behavior;
      2、promote team spirit, everyone has a responsibility to support the work of others, advocate different strengths and personality accomplishment;
      3、the customer value first, seek common development, win-win cooperation;
      4、the pursuit of the people of this management mode. In order to guarantee mechanism of team operation;
      5, respect for employees, to provide staff with appropriate post as well as the team's support, develop personal creativity. Advocates of honest and trustworthy, diligent, and build a harmonious enterprise and region.


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